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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services
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peptide synthesis

Have reproducibility or purity concerns? Powered by our proprietary PepPower™ peptide synthesis technology and automated synthesizers, we are able to synthesize high quality peptides in a much shorter time! At GenScript, we value your time and success. Obtain consistent results with reliable GenScript peptides! Now, with our express peptide delivery, you can receive custom peptides faster than ever!

Peptide Handbook – A Guide to Peptide Design and Applications.

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  Custom Peptide Synthesis
(Cat no. SC1208)
Fast Peptide Synthesis
(Cat no. SC1848)
Rush Peptide Synthesis
(Cat no. SC1845)
Starting delivery time*
(Business days)
 10 days 7-8 days 6 days 5 days
Sequence length Up to 200 AA  Up to 20 AA 25 AA Up to 20 AA 25 AA
Purity Crude to >98% Desalt, > 70% to > 98% Crude
Quantity  mg to kg 1-100 mg
Modifications 300+ modifications
List of modifications for custom peptide synthesis service
30 + modifications
List of modifications for fast and rush services

* Delivery times are for standard sequences. Difficult sequences, or sequences with multiple modifications, may require additional time.

peptide synthesis

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