Performing experiments with hydrophobic peptides can be extremely frustrating if you are unsure of how to properly dissolve your peptide. Determining the optimal conditions for dissolution of your peptide can consume up to 5 mg of your custom peptide stock, depleting peptide that might be crucial for future experiments.

Our solubility testing service makes working with hydrophobic peptides easier by taking the guesswork out of peptide solubility. We provide you with a complete, customized dissolution profile of your peptide, including a report containing the gross peptide concentration of your peptide and the solvents your peptide dissolves in best. Our peptide solubility test is a unique solution to help you conserve time, money, and your peptide stock, allowing you to easily determine the condition that both dissolves your peptides to the highest concentration and suits your assay requirements.

Advantages of solubility testing

Saves your sample Saves your sample

no need to use your custom peptide stock

Saves your time Saves your time

we prepare a customized dissolution profile for you

High success rate High success rate

at least 99% of peptides are dissolvable in one of our common lab solvents

Water: ~80-90% solubility

DPBS: ~80-90% solubility

DMSO: ~99% solubility

Solubility Testing Process and Deliverables

Solubility Testing Process and Deliverables

Solubility Testing Process and Deliverables

Your peptide sequence's characteristics are evaluated, and a customized solubility testing approach is designed.

Your peptide is dissolved systematically in lab solvents that are most likely to yield the highest gross peptide concentration.

You will received a customized solubility test report containing the concentration of your peptide in each of the tested solvents.

View your solubility test results any time by logging into your Account page.

Example Solubility Test Report

Results (Dissolved or undissolved)
Gross Peptide Concentration
Ultrapure water
≤ 10 mg/ml
1 x DPBS
(pH 7.1 ± 0.1)
≤ 10 mg/ml
≤ 10 mg/ml

Each peptide will be tested for dissolution in a minimum of 3 solvents (ultrapure water, DPBS and DMSO); however,gross peptide concentrations will only be reported for solvents in which dissolution was achieved. Report matrix may vary based on peptide sequences and preliminary solubility test results.

How to order

Crude peptides, desalt peptides and peptide libraries are not eligible for a free solubility test.

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Your peptide and customized solubility report will arrive by Fedex in 2-3 weeks (may vary depending on sequence, purity and quantity)

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