Peptide Property Calculator

This online tool calculates peptide chemical formula, molecular weight, isoelectric point, and also helps to determine the best solvent for a peptide based on its amino acid sequence.


When input the custom peptide sequence data, please only use the code specified in the Amino Aicd Code Table. You can use single-letter-code or multiple-letter-code. If you use mulitiple-letter-code, please use {} to surround each multiple-letter-code.

e.g. AC{GLY}{ILE}{d-GLY}.

Select the proper modification for custom peptide synthesis.
For disulfide bridge, please provide the positions with the format like 5-12, 15-24 (one bridge between positions 5 and 12 cysteine, and another bridge between positions 15 and 24).


N-Terminal Modification:

C-Terminal Modification:

Other Modifications:
Abz/DNP    Abz/Tyr (3-NO2)    BSA (-COOH of C terminal)    BSA (-NH2 of N terminal)
BSA Conjugation on cysteine    DABCYL    DABCYL/Glu(EDANS)-NH2    EDANS/DABCYL
Glu(EDANS)-NH2    Head to tail Cyclic    KLH (-COOH of C terminal)    KLH (-NH2 of N terminal)
KLH Conjugation on cysteine    MCA/DNP    p-Nitroanilide    Succinylation    Tyr (3-NO2)
mini-PEG1    Cy3/Cy5    Cy2/Cy3    FAM/Cy3    FAM/Texas Red    FAM/Cy5    FITC/TRITC

Disulfide Bridge (Format: 5-12, 15-24):

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