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Thank you for your interest in GenScript Peptide Service.

Below are our Lucky New Registrants in the Lucky New Activity. Congratulations to all of you! We have sent the 50% off peptide service coupon to everyone’s account.

Note: this 50% off coupon will be expired in one month and could only be used once per customer for peptide synthesis service*.

The next round of lucky new will be posted on December 31st, 2019!

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Lucky New Registrants
Congratulations everyone!

Everyone shown in the chart below has won the 50% off peptide synthesis coupon and 1,000 EzCoupon points.

Email Adress Suggested Name Email Adress Suggested Name
ap**@gm**om An**as ge**@ho**om Ge**ia
a.**@ca**it Al**to Ja**@Wa**om Ja**tt
ma**@gm**om Ma**di fo**@gm**om Ju**ro
cp**@me**om C**er ff**@ya**fr Fr**et
ja**@gm**om Ja**on rs**@bi**br Ra**er
ar**@ph**ch Mi**nd tu**@gm**om Md**am
le**@gm**om Pe**rt ad**@gm**om Ju**yk
or**@gm**om Go**ss in**@nu**no In**en
ma**@ou**om Ma**cy vi**@ze**om Vi**is
ji**@gm**om ji**ng do**@gm**om Do**an
js**@me**du Jo**ts mf**@un**it mo**ad
ty**@vi**om Ta**rk ni**@cm**in Ni**am
di**@mo**du Di**ou z.**@km**ir za**no
ri**@nc**in ri**ra da**@gm**om Da**to
gu**@ga**tw Gu**er gi**@bs**om Gi**mà
i.**@li**nl Il**en bs**@le**uk As**ey
bo**@bo**om bo**on mv**@bc**om Ma**et
jw**@gm**om Ja**un f.**@ca**it Fe**na
ki**@gm**om Ki**ao Ko**@us**ch Ko**ou
na**@gm**om Na**ey aw**@et**ha ae**sg
so**@gm**om so**ee Gr**@at**om Gr**en
ta**@gm**om Wh**no af**@li**rg Af**ar
an**@gm**om Ma**rs ge**@gm**om ge**my
jd**@vo**du Ja**an jo**@ro**ch Jo**er
ma**@cr**uk Ma**za wa**@bi**de Ju**ck
jp**@la**du J** pa**@ya**om Pa**
ma**@gm**om ka** mi**@gm**om Sa**
vc**@uc**du Va** ni**@st**du Ko**ma
ka**@gm**om Er**ur li**@up**fr Li**in
mg**@un**om Ma**ik cl**@st**du Cl**an
ed**@us**br Ed**op u1**@tu**za Co**ba
ty**@du**du Ke**gh ch**@ch**cc SH**EN
mo**@ge**om Bl**es aw**@gm**om AW**LU
al**@gm**om al**No jo**@gm**om Jo**A
ma**@uk**de Ma**as ta**@sa**om Ta**ss
s.**@ue**uk Su**ki le**@ce**om wo**ee
c.**@ca**it Cr**in la**@st**du La**do
g.**@dk**de Ga**do Ju**@ic**om Ed**de
ka**@st**du Ka**te ra**@gm**om An**ra
xi**@ho**om Xi**Yu tp**@gm**om Ju**ng
mi**@st**du Mi**er je**@sa**in Ra** P
jw**@ya**om jw**bf sd**@al**om Sh**ne
ji**@sc**du Ji**ee l.**@qm**uk La**ll
cl**@gm**om Cl**C je**@st**du Je**on
an**@gm**om An**ph fj**@gm**om fr**va
qu**@gm**om Qu**en bl**@gm**om Ku**Su
Tl**@gm**om Ti**ks yl**@gm**om Yi**Li
em**@gm**om Em**im cg**@gr**om Ca**tz
al**@ho**uk Al**in va**@gm**om va**th
sb**@ce**om Si**in is**@su**se Is**as
se**@gm**om Se**zo pa**@my**ca Ch**il
em**@gm**om em**in md**@nu**sg Ro**ao
rn**@au**nz Ra**an gi**@gm**om Gi**wk
al**@te**et Al**er re**@gr**au Re**en
mv**@uq**co Mo**es yn**@pk**cn Yu**en
ss**@wu**pl Sy**ka an**@ya**in An**bi
dn**@gm**om Ha**no DK**@ch**om Sa**en
fi**@mp**de Em**di pb**@ua**du Pr**ai
av**@am**om Am**sh mi**@ka**sa Mi**ia
er**@du**du Er**by wh**@gm**om Ch**ai
n.**@gm**om Ni**ki ar**@op**om am**in
ma**@gm**om lu**am ha**@av**om ha**le
se**@gm**om se**mi we**@gm**om Er**ng
kk**@sn**kr Gy**im mc**@oi**jp Mi**oy
er**@in**om Ed**is dh**@na**om Ja**ee
b.**@cs**du Ba**er Iv**@sn**om Iv**an
ra**@gm**om Ra**co sg**@na**om Da**am
cl**@ac**om Ch**iu tm**@co**om Th**ia
Fr**@ma**de Fr**mp sa**@gm**om Sa**do
li**@mr**de Li**er pe**@ki**si pe**an
rr**@us**du Ri**II gn**@us**br Gu**es
mo**@gm**om Ma**am ac**@mi**du An**lo
lo**@nd**uk Lo**es n.**@gm**om na**vi
js**@wu**du Je**es tr**@dr**du To**is
mo**@gm**om gu**at jj**@gm**om Yu**en
sa**@gm**om ja**ei sw**@ha**du Se**re
ra**@gm**om Ra**ad yh**@sn**kr Hy**Yu
M.**@wa**uk Me**ok ra**@uc**du Si**ch
hi**@df**du Hi**wa da**@gm**om Da**in
al**@gm**om Al**rt xi**@bm**om xi**ai
zh**@we**cn Fa**ou vl**@gm**om Vl**ly
ba**@ag**du Ba**nd da**@gm**om Da**uo
ha**@si**om He**er ve**@ce**fr Ve**ti
sa**@ed**it Sa**ka le**@ho**om Le**na
pa**@ho**om p**w ke**@ya**tw Ke**ao
fe**@si**om Sa**el an**@md**de An**st
li**@im**cn Yi**iu ce**@gm**om Cé**er
Be**@gm**om Og**bo yo**@po**il Ga**fi
al**@us**ca Al**rg an**@gm**om AN**TA
is**@hs**de Is**ud c.**@au**nz Ja**ng
ab**@na**du al**os ma**@co**om Ma**ez
ni**@gm**om Ni**ko ea**@ca**uk Em**yt
jo**@qm**uk Jo**th xi**@12**om So**da
la**@gm**om Le**ui pr**@gm**om Pa**en
np**@gm**om Pr**gu do**@ic**om Ji**en
ja**@jo**om JA**B lu**@di**cn lu**@di**cn
ma**@tu**du Ma**rd hw**@16**om We**ng
po**@si**om Ol**tz do**@gm**om do**im
sa**@gm**om Sa**or kh**@sy**om Ka**hy
hc**@st**du Hu**ng ch**@mc**ca Al**in
p.**@uq**au Pe**le f.**@ed**uk fa**nk
b5**@ur**om A**N in**@gm**om Un**ts
na**@va**du Na**in gr**@ua**du Gr**sh
jo**@a2**om Ju**Oh ag**@gm**om Mo**ll
ED**@HO**OM Ye**ai ar**@gm**om ar**as
gu**@ca**in Go**ya ro**@sa**om Ro**er
li**@nt**tw Li**Tu db**@nu**sg PA**EL
me**@gm**om Me**en wl**@gm**om Li**ng
34**@qq**om Fl**ee co**@en**om Co**ry
ma**@u-**fr Ma**in dk**@gm**om Da**ia
je**@ku**dk Je**en al**@ha**du Al**To
pr**@gm**om Pa**to be**@nj**du Jo**in
ns**@uw**du Na**ne pa**@ni**ov Pa**ad
mi**@ba**om Mi**er 13**@qq**om Yi**ng
ns**@ex**uk Ne**oo sh**@ma**ru Al**an
lu**@pa**uk Lu**Li Si**@hd**om Si**hu
st**@nm**du St**te cf**@ao**om ch**rg
f.**@ho**fr Fr**le co**@gm**om Cl**ia
bh**@mo**du Bh**er ke**@gm**om Za**ti
ji**@gm**om Ja**im af**@gm**om Sa**nd
el**@gm**om El**K ca**@un**du Co**dy
hu**@bm**om Hu**Gu ka**@gm**om su**ng
mm**@ab**om Ma**ff su**@we**il Su**av
ka**@gm**om Ek**ya wi**@em**du Ga**ek
uo**@so**om T*m is**@gm**om Fr**is
hi**@ma**th Pl**en ee**@ya**om os**so
in**@we**om He**er te**@uc**za Yo**di
09**@gm**om Ru**ra ab**@gm**om Ab**ik
ah**@uc**du Kw**wo 02**@gm**om We**en
nu**@du**du Mi**ai ll**@bi**om ba**ra
mc**@bf**si Lu**ja ss**@mi**du Ju**in
31**@gm**om Pi**ng 34**@gm**om bl**ke
nu**@ou**it ma**co nd**@16**om jo**st
74**@cn**om J*n 84**@gm**om Je**ff
ro**@he**du An**es 87**@ho**om Yi**ao
nk**@bi**om Ka**la zi**@bi**se ve**ca
em**@gm**om DE**IS .6**@ul**ca Da**id
iu**@ut**du Sh**He on**@du**uk Da**id
sm**@ya**om Mi**el st**@gm**om El**ra
ne**@ba**de Ga**by 12**@ho**om as**kl
in**@st**nl Gr**te in**@ro**om St**an
li**@tk**ch Gi**pe un**@ya**du Yu**Yu
61**@gm**om Sh**fa 75**@gm**om **
19**@gm**om In**ga ix**@gm**om Sh**ri
ge**@sh**om Ge**ge 98**@gm**om Le**ee
hr**@gm**om Sh**in 01**@gm**om A**A
ns**@si**om Da**id el**@co**om Po**on
yd**@ma**ov Da**an ro**@in**nt Jo**na
ey**@uc**du J **el un**@ho**om Z.**ur
hi**@sy**au Re**za 58**@ba**uk Mi**Mi
ck**@lu**uk Jo**ph tt**@ag**om Pa**ul
th**@kc**uk Jo**oy iu**@uf**du Re**ie
o2**@gm**om Jo**an om**@ho**fr Re**my
ol**@ca**il Ni**od br**@ri**du Br**na
co**@ho**om An**ré bm**@so**dk An**ch
ko**@lu**lv Ka**is au**@se**om Es**le
an**@db**cn fe**ng lh**@gm**om Va**al
tz**@nm**de Ol**er on**@is**rg In**es
15**@le**du Le**ey ik**@ro**om Sh**ik
25**@as**du Ca**yn el**@uq**au Sw**ti
gy**@gm**om sw**hi ez**@ui**es Ro**ia
ga**@qp**om Th**as at**@as**du Ra**el
ek**@al**kr Se**op am**@du**uk Mi**ke
ed**@ms**du Sy**da er**@cr**om Ti**im
ah**@nc**du Ca**in ar**@ks**du Ra**ra
na**@gm**om Ho**an vj**@ya**om Re**ca
ng**@he**om Li**an ty**@ku**du Pr** K
88**@gm**om YI**IN wu**@nc**du To**de
ns**@un**it De**se co**@gm**om Ma**ia
ni**@ku**du Ch**ni ty**@up**za Du**an
56**@gm**om Hy**un sh**@po**il Vl**ad
94**@gm**om Ma**ck 93**@gm**om Ay**hi
24**@ho**om Yu**un 16**@im**uk Jo**ua
ka**@uw**pl Mo**ka uh**@kc**uk Si**am
50**@gm**om Pr**av 17**@ya**om Be**on
31**@gm**om Qi**Qi 55**@qu**uk Ju**ng
et**@gm**om mi**av er**@ya**om Cr**ig
eu**@um**du Je**en od**@sa**du Ry**an
es**@gm**om ro**rt ux**@st**om Ro**nd
on**@el**om St**en rz**@ki**se An**na
hi**@cm**om ** be**@uc**du Ju**in
el**@gm**om Ra**ye ei**@gm**om Do**ic
m3**@no**uk Ta**ia is**@au**nz n**n
04**@gm**om Re**na re**@gm**om AB**BX
o3**@ga**du Is**el to**@uc**uk Fr**ca
ny**@my**au Sa**ly in**@mi**du Jo**hn
by**@ne**au Ga**la on**@se**om Ma**us
ez**@uc**du Na**ie pw**@su**dk Pe**ne
et**@gm**om Lo**ar di**@gm**om ho**in
az**@fa**de Se**im hk**@ig**om Jo**ua
12**@la**du ya**sh ts**@nr**ca Li**aw
ce**@gm**om yu**in h3**@gm**om Eh**ai
27**@br**uk An**ew ez**@un**fr VA**EZ
ui**@gm**om Sh**ui 38**@gm**om Se**an
pp**@va**du Ka**ne ia**@ex**om EF**IN
di**@ya**om Pa**am ll**@bi**om To**ry
rg**@gm**om No**le er**@ur**du Da**id
an**@ch**uk Ar**au re**@us**du Ab**ay
ch**@gm**om pa**ul ma**@cs**om Ma**nn
as**@cs**au As**hy he**@in**dk He**eb
dd**@ge**om te**st va**@tu**de Va**ez
ye**@gm**om Eu**ng or**@un**ch Or**ak
ve**@li**be pa**de ro**@sc**uk Ro**tt
ha**@wi**du Ha**ni ac**@ar**om Ar**ls
aj**@qq**om dd**ss 20**@ge**om te**hh
ge**@sa**om Ge**ns fr**@gm**om Fr**zi
sj**@dc**tw SJ**ng ra**@gm**om ra**ma
an**@am**om An**ch np**@ca**uk Na**hy
ma**@po**om Ma**an xi**@ce**om Xi**Tu
sm**@um**du sp**ik y.**@an**om yu**an
qi**@ni**ov QI**IU ra**@nc**jp Ra**tu
ra**@ad**nz Ra**an le**@gm**om Jo**en
u.**@we**au Ut**ri sc**@cn**es So**eb
xg**@al**om XG**Iu jr**@qq**om te** 2
86**@qq**om th**ee 79**@qq**om Yu**ua
xu**@ab**om Xu**iu a1**@st**au th**av
k_**@ya**om Po**ri fo**@gm**om ky**er
ah**@16**om hi**ei ti**@gm**om Ti**ke
ji**@hu**cn Xi**Ji oc**@so**uk Om**in
ru**@ha**du Ra**ng pa**@ho**om Ya**en
ja**@ho**om JA**KI wa**@ge**om gu**gu
ax**@st**uk An**ki ni**@ca**om Ni**an
sa**@sl**du wi**on st**@ya**uk st**on
as**@su**dk An**hn

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