Proper peptide solubilization is one of the most important factors in a successful peptide assay. Improper peptide solubilization results in inaccurate peptide concentration calculations, which can introduce experimental error into data or result in experimental failure. However, finding the ideal solvent to dissolve your peptide is often a challenge. Download our Peptide Solubility Guidelines to determine the best solvent for maximum solubility of your custom peptide.

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Peptide Solubility Guideline
Peptide Solubility Guideline

A guide on how to dissolve peptide in the best solvent
at maximum solubility.

Free Download

Click on the bubbles that correspond to the overall charge of your peptide for guidance on how to dissolve your peptide. or Request a solubility test when you request a quote for your custom peptide (by typing 'solubility test' in the comments box) and let us make peptide solubilization easy for you.


Flowchart for Dissolving Peptides:

Flowchart for Dissolving Peptides


  1. It is recommended that the concentration of the stock solution be around 1-2 mg of peptide per mL of solution. This is dilute enough so that relatively small volumes (< 100 μL ) of peptide can be used in an assay, minimizing the effect of the solvents initially used for solubilization.
  2. The stability of each peptide depends on its sequence information. We suggest storing lyophilized peptides at -20 °C. Once in solution we recommend that you aliquot your peptide into tubes and store at -20 °C(or preferably −80°C). It is recommended that peptides containing methionine, cysteine, or tryptophan residues be stored in an oxygen-free atmosphere to avoid oxidation.

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