GenScript has now launched PepHTS™, the highly advanced peptide library synthesis platform, to synthesize high throughput peptides with industry leading speed and flexibility via our newly installed fully automated Work Station peptide synthesizer. Empowered by this PepHTS™ Library Platform, GenScript can secure accurately controlled peptide synthesis with full automation, which also significantly increases throughput capability to deliver large number of synthesized sequences simultaneously.

PepHTS™ Library Platform

Advanced Capability:

  • strong>High Throughput: PepHTS™ Library Platform can provide high throughput production of 18,000 peptides per month.
  • Reliable Quantity: The platform adopts fully automatic production, precise control of production conditions and material addition, which can reduce the quality instability and human error caused by human operation, as well as saving a lot of manpower and reducing production cost.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: The PepHTS™ platform can automatically perform sequence analysis, confirm the most efficient production method, improve production efficiency, and realize simultaneous synthesis of 600 sequences of 15 AA in 24 hours.
  • Flexible Services: To improve the success rate and applicability of the orders, different condensation processes and production reagents can be selected accordingly.
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