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Micro-scale peptide library for proteomics research

Micro-Scale Peptide Library Services

Cost effective screening tools for biomarker discovery and proteomics

- Libraries start at just $12.38/peptide

- Crude or purified options available

Micro-scale peptide library services for proteomics research

Micro-Scale Peptide Library Services

Micro-scale peptide libraries are composed of multiple peptides containing systematic combinations of amino acids. Unlike regular peptide libraries that offer peptide quantities at a milligram scale, micro-scale peptide libraries contain peptides at micromolar scales, making them ideal for targeted proteomics applications and affordable, preliminary screening.

Common applications for micro-scale peptide libraries

Monitoring protease activity

Targeted proteomics

Peptide screening

Micro-scale Peptide Library Service Specifications

GenScript has developed two different micro-scale peptide library purity levels to meet your research needs: Crude and Purified

Micro-scale Peptide Library
Catalog #
5-20 AA
Peptide Quantity
0.2-0.5 mg
Minimum order size1
24 peptides
Turnaround time
(Business Days)2
15-20 days
Standard TFA removal service3
Available at additional cost
Deliverable format
Lyophilized or liquid (suspended in 0.05% trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in 50% (v/v) acetonitrile/water) in Thermo Scientific Matrix 96-tube plates
MS, HPLC and COA on 100% of peptides
Amidation, acetylation, biotin, FITC-Ahx, isotope labeling on K/R, Arg (13C6, 15N4), Lys (13C6, 15N2) and others
Micro-Scale Peptide Library Services

Micro-scale peptide library pricing

Peptide library prices start at $12.38/peptide for a crude library and $28.00/peptide for a purified library. Getting a quote is easy: GenScript provides a secure peptide library online quotation system for your convenience. You can also email us with your micro-scale peptide library quote request at peptide@genscript.com.


GenScript provides six free online peptide library design tools to ensure you create the library that best fits your research needs:

overlapping peptide library
alanine scanning
positional scanning library
truncation peptide library
random peptide library
scrambled peptide library

Design Library

Delivery Specifications

The typical micro-scale peptide library consists of:

Delivery Specifications