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Peptide Library Services

Peptide Library Quotation

A peptide library is a systematic combination of a large number of different peptides widely used for protein-related studies. Peptide libraries are in ever increasing demand due to the expanding interest in peptide drug and vaccine development, immunotherapy, and proteomics. To accelerate your research, GenScript offers two peptide library services:

  • Standard peptide library milligram level quantities and a wide range of purities for many research applications
  • Micro-scale peptide library: microgram quantities at reduced prices, ideal for preliminary screens or proteomics applications

To make your research easier, GenScript also offers extensive QC for any peptide library order. As a part of the AccuPep QC service, you can request TFA removal, solubility testing, endotoxin analysis, or other services to ensure that your peptide library will meet your intended research application. In addition, our proprietary FlexPeptide™ technology ensures that hundreds of peptides can be synthesized at the lowest cost possible.

Peptide Library Specifications

To meet different purity demands for multiple applications, GenScript has developed two standard peptide library service packages: the crude peptide library and the purified peptide library.

Crude Peptide Library (sc1177) Purified Peptide Library (sc1487)
5-25 AA
5-25 AA
70% to 98%
1 – 20 mg
1 – 4 mg
Turnaround time
(Business Days)*
15-20 days
15-20 days
Minimum order size
24 peptides
24 peptides
Deliverable format**
Lyophilized peptides in 96-well plate or individual well-labelled vials
Quality documents
MS only or COA, HPLC and MS for each peptide
COA, HPLC and MS for each peptide
Comprehensive: biotin, fluorescent dyes, phosphorylation, methylation, acylation, acetylation, unnatural amino acids, and many more
Peptide Library Quotation

Peptide Library pricing

Getting a quote is easy: GenScript provides a secure peptide library online quotation system for your convenience. You can also email us with your peptide library quote request at peptide@genscript.com.

Starting list price per peptide*

* Standard pricing for libraries containing 1-4 mg of 24-96 peptides, without additional QC options. Discounts will be applied to orders > 96 peptides.

Peptide Library Applications and Design Considerations

Peptide libraries have a variety of applications in proteomics, bioassays, immunotherapy, and vaccine design among others; however, each application has its own design considerations. How do you know which peptide library to use or how to start the design process? Check out our free tools to help you with your peptide library:

Get detailed design instructions based on your research area of interest or application – from the online design tool to use to the library purity.

Which purity should you choose? Consult this quick reference guide to find the library purity that works best for you.

Our online design tools make ordering peptide libraries even easier. Choose from one of the following designs: overlapping, alanine scanning, positional scanning, truncated, scrambled or random peptide library.

Design Library

Technology and Quality

Peptide libraries are synthesized using our proprietary PepHTS™ Peptide Library technology and undergo vigorous quality control to avoid cross-contamination prior to delivery. Click here to find out more about our Total Quality Management System.

Delivery Specifications

The typical peptide library consists of:

Peptide Library Quotation

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