Peptide Libraries are systematic combinations of a large variety of peptides, which are widely used for target screening in popular research areas such as immunotherapy, vaccine development, drug discovery and proteomics. With our PepHTS™ platform, GenScript offers comprehensive Peptide Library services with extensive AccuPep QC services including TFA Removal, Solubility Testing, Endotoxin Control & Analysis and others to ensure your study success.

Peptide Library Specifications

One-Stop Solutions for Your Research in Immunology, Proteomics and Drug Discovery.

Crude Peptide Library (SC1177) Upgraded! Purified Peptide Library (SC1487)
5-15 AA
16-25 AA
5-25 AA
≥70% to ≥98%
1 – 20 mg
1 – 20 mg
1 – 9 mg
Turnaround time
(Business Days)*
9-17 days
15-20 days
15-20 days
Minimum order size
24 peptides
24 peptides
Deliverable format**
Lyophilized peptides in individual vials Free
or 96-well plate Charged
Quality documents
MS only or COA, HPLC and MS for each peptide
COA, HPLC and MS for each peptide
Biotin, Fluorescent Dyes, Phosphorylation, Methylation, Acetylation, Amidation, Head to Tail Cyclic, Disulfide Bridge, Stable Isotope Labeled Amino Acids, Unnatural Amino Acids, etc.
  • * Turnaround time includes all business days from order confirmation to completion, not including shipping time.
  • **Automated peptide pooling available upon request.

Getting a quote is easy: GenScript provides a secure peptide library online quotation system for your convenience. You can also email us with your peptide library quote request at peptide@genscript.com.

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Select your Peptide Libraries by applications

GenScript’s customized Peptide Libraries are optimized for the following research areas:

Check out our Peptide Library Design Guide to get detailed instructions on how to pick the right Peptide Libraries for your research:

Applications Service Design Purity
T-cell Immunotherapy
Crude or ≥70%
Vaccine Development
High Purity (≥90%)
Cancer Research
Crude or ≥70%
Antibody and T-cell Epitope Mapping
Crude or ≥70%
Biological Assays
≥70% or higher

Technology and Quality

Peptide libraries are synthesized using our proprietary PepHTS™ Peptide Library technology and undergo vigorous quality control to avoid cross-contamination prior to delivery. Click here to find out more about our Total Quality Management System.

Ordering Information


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