Hot! Peptides for SARS-CoV-2 Research!

GenScript's long-standing expertise in peptide synthesis has given us an opportunity to develop a tool for estimating ease of peptide synthesis process. It is necessary to evaluate the feasibility of all peptide sequences prior to synthesis. For example, neoantigens are ideal targets in cancer immunotherapy because of the unique expression in tumors. Most methods for neoantigen prediction don’t combine with the feasibility analysis of downstream, resulting in the failure in peptide synthesis.

Now, use GenScript’s Peptide Analyzing Tool to estimate ease of peptide synthesis process and select more economic or effective peptide sequence. Our PhD level senior scientists will help you to optimize peptides for timely delivery. Besides, empowered by PepPower™ platform, GenScript will flexibly choose peptide synthesis technologies that best suites your project.

  • Type or paste the sequence of peptide and click ‘Submit’.
  • Multiple sequences can be analyzed at a time by entering each sequence on a separate line.
  • Sequence format: single letter code or multiple letter code with{}. e.g. AC{GLY}{ILE}.

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