Peptide Handbook

The first edition of Peptide Handbook – A Guide to Design and Applications of Peptides in Biomedical Research – is a free educational and technical resource for scientists in all biomedical disciplines who use peptides, as a powerful tool, in their research.

This new resource covers topics on:

  • Unique biochemical features of peptides
  • Diverse applications of peptides in biomedical research
  • Various peptide synthesis technologies
  • Useful tools and guidelines in designing and applying custom synthetic peptides

To learn more, you can download the Peptide Handbook, explore our free Bioinformatics Tools, watch a webinar, or review the full range of GenScript's reliable Peptide Services designed to advance your research.

Peptide Synthesis Services
  • High-quality peptides synthesized at any length, purity, and quantity with 300 modification options
  • Flexible delivery options, from Standard to Express, for easy planning of your experiments
  Peptide Library Services
  • Standard or Micro-scale options
  • Variety of types at desired purity level
  • Diverse applications in immunotherapy, proteomics and drug or vaccine discovery and development
Click Peptide Synthesis Service
  • Special chemistry for soluble β-amyloid synthesis
  • Offers control over physiochemical properties and biological activities of the synthetic peptide
  Peptoid Synthesis Service
  • Synthesis of stable peptides with less susceptibility to degradation
  • Ideal peptidomimetics for drug discovery
Peptide Array Service
  • Synthesis of small quantities of 48 peptides
  • Ideal for molecular interaction studies and enzyme substrate screening
  Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis Service
  • Cosmetic and cGMP manufacturing of peptides
  • Multi-gram level custom peptide manufacturing for diverse applications, including cosmetics and cGMP-level drug and vaccine production