The first edition of Peptide Handbook – A Guide to Design and Applications of Peptides in Biomedical Research – is a free educational and technical resource for scientists in all biomedical disciplines who use peptides, as a powerful tool, in their research.

This new resource covers topics on:

  • Unique biochemical features of peptides
  • Diverse applications of peptides in biomedical research
  • Various peptide synthesis technologies
  • Useful tools and guidelines in designing and applying custom synthetic peptides
peptide handbook

To learn more, you can download the Peptide Handbook, explore our free Bioinformatics Tools, watch a Webinar, or review the full range of GenScript's reliable Peptide Services designed to advance your research.

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Peptide Synthesis Services

High-quality peptides synthesized at any length, purity, and quantity with 300 modification options

Flexible delivery options, from Standard to Express, for easy planning of your experiments

Peptide Library Services

Variety of types at desired purity level

Diverse applications in immunotherapy, proteomics and drug or vaccine discovery and development

Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis Service

Cosmetic and cGMP manufacturing of peptides

Multi-gram level custom peptide manufacturing for diverse applications, including Cosmetics and cGMP-Level drug and vaccine production

Click Peptide Synthesis Service

Special chemistry for soluble β-amyloid synthesis

Offers control over physiochemical properties and biological activities of the synthetic peptide

Peptoid Synthesis Service

Synthesis of stable peptides with less susceptibility to degradation

Ideal peptidomimetics for drug discovery



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