Phosphorylation/dephosphorylation is one of the major signaling mechanisms used to modulate the functional properties of proteins involved in gene expression, cell adhesion, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, and the cell cycle. The determination of the state of phosphorylation is highly important for studying the function of a given protein. Phospho-specific antibodies, which can discriminate between the phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated forms, have emerged as demonstrated assets in the study of signal transduction pathways. These novel tools enable qualitative and quantitative detection of phosphorylated proteins without the risks associated with using radioactivity.

GenScript's phospho-specific antibodies are affinity-purified and do not cross react with non-phosphorylated forms of proteins. Phospho-specific antibodies detect only the phosphorylated forms of proteins in a complex protein mixture within cells. They recognize the phosphorylated amino acids in the context of the surrounding amino acid sequence. Using a combination of pan-antibody (that recognizes both phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated forms of the protein) and phospho-specific antibody, it is possible to assess the degree of phosphorylation for any given protein.

GenScript offers phospho-specific/pan antibody pairs that are suitable for many tasks, including Western blot analysis, ELISA, and immunocytochemical assays. We also provide blocking peptides for most of our phospho-specific and pan antibodies. These peptides can be used to confirm that the observed signal is due to the antibody's interaction with target antigen, as opposed to non-specific binding.

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price Order
THE™ Phosphotyrosine Antibody (E10)plus
$295.00 100 μg
Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price Order
Tau Antibody (Phospho-Thr217), pAb, Rabbit
$113.00 40 μg




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