GenScript's long history of top-quality peptide synthesis has given us an opportunity to develop methods for synthesizing both common and rare peptide sequences. Below, you will find peptide synthesis case studies that exemplify our competency in synthesis, and innovation in synthesis strategy development, which we have implemented through our PepPower™ peptide synthesis platform. These case studies are representative of our ability to synthesize peptides of any length and complexity, including multi-cysteine peptides, multi-phosphorylated peptides, extremely long peptides, hydrophobic peptides, and many other inherently challenging sequences.

Click on the topics below to see case studies that exemplify GenScript's peptide synthesis expertise.

Express Peptide

Microwave assisted PepPower™ peptide synthesis technology platform

Delivery from as fast as 5 days

Modified Peptide

Over 300 modifications

Multiple disulfide bonds

Multi-phosphorylated peptides

Methylated peptides

Long Peptide

Up to 200 AAs in length – Industrial leading length

Excellent experience in synthesizing peptides containing 80-149 AAs

Hydrophobic Peptides

Experience to handling peptides with >80% hydrophobicity

Proprietary synthesis methods for synthesizing click peptides

Side-reaction Sequence

Special methods for avoiding side reactions

Experience in preventing oxidation, ring closure, etc.

Branched Peptide

Able to synthesize peptides with up to 8 branches

Expertise in achieving high coupling efficiencies during synthesis


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