Since the establishment in 2002, GenScript has set up manufacturing facilities in the United States and China and this is the first manufacturing facility in the vibrant city state in Asia Pacific, Singapore.

The facility will manufacture recombinant proteins and synthesize genes to support academia, pharmaceutical R&D, Diagnostics, cell and gene therapy, vaccine and drug development for the global market from Singapore.

Industry Leader

> 18 Your protein expression experience

>100,000 Successful projects delivered

>200,000 Global customers

>30,000 Sq.ft cutting-edge facility in Singapore

Our Advantages

High Specificity

Higher Yield with Shorter Timeline

High Specificity

Flexible Scalability & Validated Consistency

High Specificity

QR Code-Based Automation

High Specificity

Ph.D.Level Tech Support Team

From Gene Synthesis to Delivery as Fast as 2 Weeks

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