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Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)

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1892 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Creb3l2 cAMP responsive element binding protein 3-like 2 protein-coding
Cenpn centromere protein N protein-coding
Col7a1 collagen type VII alpha 1 chain protein-coding
Clic1 chloride intracellular channel 1 protein-coding
Cela1 chymotrypsin-like elastase family, member 1 protein-coding
Cfh complement factor H protein-coding
Csnk1g3 casein kinase 1, gamma 3 protein-coding
Chrm4 cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 4 protein-coding
Celsr1 cadherin, EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 1 protein-coding
Ckap2 cytoskeleton associated protein 2 protein-coding
Cpa2 carboxypeptidase A2 protein-coding
Cldn3 claudin 3 protein-coding
Crip1 cysteine rich protein 1 protein-coding
Cfap161 cilia and flagella associated protein 161 protein-coding
Cdkn2d similar to cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2D protein-coding
Cox5b cytochrome c oxidase subunit 5B protein-coding
Ccdc15 coiled-coil domain containing 15 protein-coding
Cbfa2t2 CBFA2/RUNX1 translocation partner 2 protein-coding
Ces1c carboxylesterase 1C protein-coding
Coq6 coenzyme Q6 monooxygenase protein-coding
Crtc3 CREB regulated transcription coactivator 3 protein-coding
Cldn34d claudin 34D protein-coding
Cyb5d1 cytochrome b5 domain containing 1 protein-coding
Cenpw centromere protein W protein-coding
Carhsp1 calcium regulated heat stable protein 1 protein-coding
Cd55 CD55 molecule, decay accelerating factor for complement protein-coding
Creld1 cysteine-rich with EGF-like domains 1 protein-coding
Csf1 colony stimulating factor 1 protein-coding
Ccdc77 coiled-coil domain containing 77 protein-coding
Cpd carboxypeptidase D protein-coding
Chrnb3 cholinergic receptor nicotinic beta 3 subunit protein-coding
Cldn34e claudin 34E protein-coding
Col6a1 collagen type VI alpha 1 chain protein-coding
Clstn3 calsyntenin 3 protein-coding
Cables2 Cdk5 and Abl enzyme substrate 2 protein-coding
Cxcl17 C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 17 protein-coding
Cyp2b3 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 3 protein-coding
Coro7 coronin 7 protein-coding
Cdo1 cysteine dioxygenase type 1 protein-coding
Chfr checkpoint with forkhead and ring finger domains protein-coding
Cables1 Cdk5 and Abl enzyme substrate 1 protein-coding
Cd1d1 CD1d1 molecule protein-coding
Castor2 cytosolic arginine sensor for mTORC1 subunit 2 protein-coding
Casq2 calsequestrin 2 protein-coding
Clec2d2 C-type lectin domain family 2 member D2 protein-coding
Chd6 chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 6 protein-coding
Ccnyl1 cyclin Y-like 1 protein-coding
Cdc7 cell division cycle 7 protein-coding
Ccdc84 coiled-coil domain containing 84 protein-coding
Ccnf cyclin F protein-coding
Cyb5a cytochrome b5 type A protein-coding
Chrac1 chromatin accessibility complex 1 protein-coding
Cdkn2c cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2C protein-coding
Cyp2a1 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily a, polypeptide 1 protein-coding
Car9 carbonic anhydrase 9 protein-coding
Cd9 CD9 molecule protein-coding
Calm2 calmodulin 2 protein-coding
Ccdc180 coiled-coil domain containing 180 protein-coding
Ctsf cathepsin F protein-coding
Cgrrf1 cell growth regulator with ring finger domain 1 protein-coding
Creg1 cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated genes 1 protein-coding
Ctnna3 catenin alpha 3 protein-coding
C2cd4c C2 calcium-dependent domain containing 4C protein-coding
Cnn2 calponin 2 protein-coding
Clptm1l CLPTM1-like protein-coding
Crcp CGRP receptor component protein-coding
Cdkl5 cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 protein-coding
Cdh1 cadherin 1 protein-coding
Ccs copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase protein-coding
C2cd4a C2 calcium-dependent domain containing 4A protein-coding
Ctu2 cytosolic thiouridylase subunit 2 protein-coding
Cx3cl1 C-X3-C motif chemokine ligand 1 protein-coding
Cops2 COP9 signalosome subunit 2 protein-coding
Ctsql2 cathepsin Q-like 2 protein-coding
Cacybp calcyclin binding protein protein-coding
Cxcl12 C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 12 protein-coding
Chd9 chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 9 protein-coding
Cgm4 carcinoembryonic antigen gene family 4 protein-coding
Cep170b centrosomal protein 170B protein-coding
Cyp3a9 cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 9 protein-coding
Ccdc148 coiled-coil domain containing 148 protein-coding
Ccdc90b coiled-coil domain containing 90B protein-coding
Cavin3 caveolae associated protein 3 protein-coding
Cyp2c13 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 13 protein-coding
Ccdc63 coiled-coil domain containing 63 protein-coding
Cfap77 cilia and flagella associated protein 77 protein-coding
Cabp1 calcium binding protein 1 protein-coding
Cldn24 claudin 24 protein-coding
Ces4a carboxylesterase 4A protein-coding
Cdk13 cyclin-dependent kinase 13 protein-coding
Cirbp cold inducible RNA binding protein protein-coding
Cspg5 chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 5 protein-coding
Cyct cytochrome c, testis protein-coding
Clvs1 clavesin 1 protein-coding
Cops7b COP9 signalosome subunit 7B protein-coding
Card9 caspase recruitment domain family, member 9 protein-coding
Ccnl1 cyclin L1 protein-coding
Cops9 COP9 signalosome subunit 9 protein-coding
Crym crystallin, mu protein-coding
Cyp26a1 cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily a, polypeptide 1 protein-coding
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