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  • In which species does antibody A01622 (GAPDH Antibody, mAb, Mouse) recognize GAPDH

    The immunogen of A01622 is human GAPDH protein from erythrocytes. A01622 detects endogenous levels of human, pig, cow, goat, and fish GAPDH. This product has not been tested for other species.

    A00191 (GAPDH Antibody, pAb, Goat) specifically reacts with GAPDH from cell and tissue lysates of human, mouse, rat, goat, rabbit, chicken, hamster, bovine, swine, fish, and E. coli.

  • Questions about A01090 PIN1 Antibody, pAb, Rabbit
    • The MW of the target protein is about 18 kDa, so why is the band in the WB test picture almost 60 kDa.

      The target protein tested is 57 KDa because it is the recombinant protein, not the naturally occurring protein with the molecular weight of 18 KDa.

    • What is the fusion partner

      From the COA file, you can see that the fusion partners for this protein are calbindin, Trx tag and Strip-Ⅱtag.

    • Is there any cross-reactivity between the fusion partner and PIN1

      According to multiple sequence alignment results, there is only one sequence in the recombinant protein with the peptide antigen for immunization. Based on these results there should be no cross-reactivity between the fusion partner and PIN1.

    • How is PIN1 fused to its partner

      PIN1 is fused to its partner at the N terminal.



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