Gene Synthesis supports the development of

Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies, specifically monoclonal antibodies, can activate, repress, or alter endogenous immune responses to specific cells or molecules. Antibody-based drugs are revolutionizing the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, and many other types of disease.

Genscript is the only company providing end-to-end antibody drug development. Gene Synthesis provides key advantages throughout the process of Antibody Drug Development:

therapeutic antibody development

Generate Therapeutic Antibodies with support from the leading global biotech company

From custom bioreagents to antibody drug developments, GenScript offers a comprehensive range of services to aid in basic and translational biomedical research as well pharmaceutical research & development.

GenScript's Gene Synthesis can help you:

GenScript's custom Peptide Services offer:

GenScript's custom Antibody Services offer:

GenScript's Antibody Drug Development Center offer

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