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Antibody and Protein Engineering Services

Antibody and Protein Engineering Services for Antibody Drug Development

Antibody and Protein Engineering

As one of the world's leading biotech companys, GenScript has established a comprehensive drug development platform to integrate antibody engineering and antibody production technologies. Our scientists, with extensive experience in antibody drug development, provide superior services such as antibody humanization and antibody sequencing.

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The biopharmaceuticals market in the U.S. is expected to increase to $144 billion by 2016, with an annual growth rate of 11.2%. Monoclonal antibody (mAbs) drugs represent a primary sector of the biopharmaceuticals market. The specificity of mAbs has tremendous clinical value, making them highly effective therapeutic agents. Many large pharmaceutical companies are increasing their investment in mAb research after the success of drugs such as Remicade and Rituxan.

Antibody Sequencing

Our fast turnaround ensures that your antibody project stays on track.

  Antibody Humanization

Our service reduces human immunogenicity while maintaining target affinity.

Custom Antibody Drug Development

GenScript can generate therapeutic antibody candidates for your drug discovery.

  Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

Our experienced scientists provide accuate analysis using state of the art technology.

In Vitro Assay and Screening

We offer comprehensive assays to determine the mechanisms of your antibody and antigen.

  In Vivo Efficacy and Safety

We can determine the PK/PD profile of your antibody therapeutic with our efficacy and safety models.

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Chimeric Antibody Generation

A fast and inexpensive approach for generating therapeutic antibodies.

  Antigen Production

We provide fast turnaround and the flexibility of choosing the expression system.

Antibody Transient Expression

We can generate up to 50mg of antibody in as few as 8-12 weeks.

  Premium Hybridoma Development

We provide up to 100 high quality hybridomas to ensure success.

Antibody Stable Cell Line

We offer production and industrial grade stable cell lines with MTX amplification and screening.

  Antibody Production

Our experienced scientists can scale-up antibody production by maximizing expression and purity.