GenScript's custom gene synthesis technology is used by tens of thousands of researchers around the world who are using techniques such as Synthetic Biology, CRISPR Genome Editing, transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs), or any custom DNA constructs to investigate questions across many life science research fields including Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Virology And Vaccine Design, Therapeutic Antibody Engineering, plant biology, biochemistry, and genetics. Gene synthesis affords simplicity and flexibility to overcome challenges often encountered in molecular biology projects; for example, Codon Optimization increases heterologous protein expression levels and solubility up to 100-fold.

High-throughput gene synthesis and Mutagenesis Library Services accelerate screening genes or protein variants for drug discovery or Protein Engineering. Both academic and industry labs routinely choose de novo gene synthesis over traditional molecular cloning to create fusion proteins, promoter-reporter constructs for studying the regulation of gene expression, recombinant antibodies. Gene synthesis also powers novel strategies for genetically modifying cell lines, plants, or animals -- from Yeast to Monkeys!

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The products and services in this section are for Research Use Only.Not for use in human clinical diagnostics or therapeutics or in vitro diagnostic procedures.

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