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1. You can directly copy multiple sequences from your file and paste them into the form. Alternatively, you can select a row, right click to see options and then insert rows to add more sequences.

2. You can use English letters, Arabic numerals, space, dash, full stop, or hyphen in your gene name.

3. Both DNA and protein sequences are acceptable.

3.1) For DNA sequence, please make sure your sequence contains "A", "T", "C" or "G" only; otherwise, the sequence will be recognized as a protein sequence.

3.2) For protein sequence, please make sure your sequence doesn’t contain "B", "J", "O", "U", "X" or "Z". Also, if you need to indicate a stop codon, please use an asterisk (*).

3.3) For the sequences containing both DNA and protein, you can fill out and upload the Quick Quotation Request Form.

4. The system will automatically recognize the sequence type and calculate the size accordingly, when you click on any region outside the table. You can modify the type by selecting from the drop-down list.

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