It's well-established that mutations and hyperactivations of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) are leading causes of cancer development. Indeed, tyrosine kinase inhibitors have revolutionized the treatment of certain cancers, but existing TKI drugs are far from magic bullets. To investigate how RTKs are altered in cancer cells, how TKIs modulate cancer biology, and how cancer cells develop resistance to TKI drugs, researchers around the world turn to GenScript for high-performing reagents to accelerate their research.

How can we translate our understanding of basic cancer biology into identifying new compounds with therapeutic potential? Translational research that investigates drug candidates in disease-relevant cell-based assays and animal models is critical to bridge the gap from bench to bedside. The following recent reports exemplify the approach of probing the effects of experimental compounds within appropriate pathological and physiological contexts:

Featured Research Reports on Tyrosine Kinases in Cancer
These critical in vivo experiments rely upon gene synthesis from GenScript to produce customized DNA constructs enabling overexpression of oncogenes, expression of reporter genes, introduction of transgenes representing mutations commonly seen in tumors, and other molecular tools to probe how experimental compounds behave in the relevant pathological and physiological contexts.
These papers used GenScript's catalog antibodies, which include phospho-specific and epitope-tag antibodies trusted for reliable, specific monitoring of protein levels.
These publications used GenScript's custom polyclonal antibody services to generate specific antibodies against tyrosine targets.

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As the most cited Biology biotech company, GenScript is honored to serve the needs of life science researchers world-wide. GenScript has the expertise to rapidly generate customized bio-reagents to meet your needs.

For preclinical research on cancer biology and candidates for novel cancer therapeutics, our most popular services are:

Gene Synthesis from GenScript allows you to:

get custom DNA sequences delivered in as few as 4 days

Specify your desired sequence for reporter genes, fusion constructs, polymorphic/mutant sequences, without the limitations and headaches of traditional molecular cloning from pre-existing templates

save time and money on mutagenesis, custom cloning into your choice of expression vector, plasmid preps, and other molecular biology services

Custom Antibody Production gives you:

custom polyclonal antibodies 45 days after ordering

Specific hybridoma and purified monoclonal antibodies starting from $3800

Flexible package design using either your own antigen, your own peptide sequence, GenScript-designed and produced peptides, or GenScript-produced recombinant protein as immunogen for antigen production

The products and services in this section are for Research Use Only. Not for use in human clinical diagnostics or therapeutics or in vitro diagnostic procedures.



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