Protein Engineering

GenScript offers the most comprehensive portfolio of protein engineering related services, from library construction through antibody engineering, including large scale expression and crystallization.

Our Services

Gene Synthesis

Our GenPlus™ Next-Gen technology, with a capacity >100Mbp/month, can cost-efficiently synthesize Gene Variant Libraries of any size for any research application.

  Codon Optimization GenScript's patented OptimumGene™

algorithm provides superior enhancement of protein expression compared to heterologously-expressed native sequences or sequences optimized by other algorithms.

High-Throughput Protein Expression & Purification

Genscript's fully customizable High Throughput Protein Variants Service has the capacity of delivering 1,000 protein variants within 30 business days. Our flexible platform integrates high throughput gene synthesis, mutagenesis, subcloning, pilot scale protein expression in E. coli, and 1-step protein purification.

  High Throughput Gene to Antibody

To keep up with the increasing demand for engineered research antibodies, GenScript has launched a service for the high throughput production of a large number of engineered rAbs for antibody drug screening applications.

Antibody Library & Phage Display

GenScript can generate an antibody library with up to 1010 individual clones in as fast as 1 month. We can also select clones with the highest affinity and stability using our proprietary FASEBA screening technology.

  Assay Validation

GenScript provides a comprehensive array of assay development services including protease target solutions, enzyme target solutions, lead optimization and biomolecular interactions.

Protein Engineering Strategies

Two popular strategies for Protein Engineering are Rational Design or Directed Evolution. The workflows below indicate steps where GenScript's technical expertise may help fill gaps or add efficiency to your research program.

Rational Design of novel proteins   Directed Evolution for Protein Engineering

Case Study: Novel Protein Engineering for Biologic Drug Development

One of our long-term clients partners with GenScript for large scale gene synthesis, protein expression and purification, and assay services to complement their in-house strengths of computational modeling.

Challenge: Speed up R&D process for developing enzyme-based therapeutics
Solution: Synthesize many mutant sequences for rapid screening.

A small North American biotech company was founded by scientists whose goal is to engineer novel biologic drugs, such as antibodies and growth factors for oncology and immunology, enzyme replacement therapies for genetic disorders, and myriad other therapeutic proteins. The company's expertise is in computational modeling of protein dynamics to design new or improved enzymes. Their virtual simulations allow them to predict which mutations will enhance protein stability, substrate affinity, enzymatic activity, or other key features that contribute to drug efficacy.

Therapeutic Protein EngineeringTo validate their in silico mutagenesis, they need to synthesize the mutated sequences, express the proteins for biochemical characterization, and perform cell-based functional assays. Promising candidates can then be licensed to pharmaceutical companies that have the infrastructure to follow through with pre-clinical, potentially bringing new drugs to patients in need. Gene synthesis allows high-throughput, fast, accurate construction of  mutant sequences that are then cloned into expression vectors. Gene synthesis also facilitates high-level protein expression through host cell-specific codon optimization, allowing rapid purification of sufficient quantities of protein for biochemical characterization.
By outsourcing to GenScript, the industry leader in capacity and total automation of gene synthesis, this biotech client was able to speed up their R&D process, meet the deadlines from their pharmaceutical partners, and secure more funding from venture capital investors.

Our Track Record

GenScript is the most cited biotech company, with over 10,000 Peer-Reviewed Publications that cite our services and products.

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