Non-viral delivery promises a true alternative for cell therapy developers

This article features experts in the field of cell therapy development and explores why non-viral editing systems are ushering in the next wave of CRISPR-based cell therapies.

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Mastering the IHC Workflow: Key Insights for Successful Antibody Development with GenScript

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a vital technique that uses antibodies to locate antigens in tissues, with applications in cancer research and diagnostics.

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Application of NGS-Based Technology in sgRNA Sequencing QC

Discover how GenScript leverages new NGS-based technology to ensures cGMP sgRNA sequence quality

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Antibody Discovery

Rapid Identification of Diverse High-Affinity SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies

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NGS Capture Probes

Advantages of using array-synthesized, double stranded DNA capture probes in NGS targeted sequencing

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Precise Mutant Libraries

Assembly of precise mutant libraries using arrayed-synthesized oligos for protein optimization

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CRISPR gRNA library

Building a diverse CRISPR gRNA library using arrayed-synthesized oligo pools

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