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ArgonShield Peptide

Protect Your Peptides with ArgonShield™ Packing Service

Peptides containing Cys, Trp, or Met are prone to oxidation, while peptides having multiple charged residues such as Asp, Glu, Lys, Arg or His are at risk of deliquescence (moisture absorption). ArgonShield™ was designed by the skilled scientists at GenScript as an innovative packing and delivery technology, to eliminate the experimental variation caused by peptide oxidization and deliquescence of your custom peptides. For your convenience, ArgonShield™ technology is applied as a headspace of argon gas to all of GenScript's custom peptides.

GenScript has optimized each step of the custom peptide synthesis service experience, ensuring an unparalleled professional experience from order to delivery. With peptide synthesis powered by our PepPower™ Technology, peptide quality guaranteed by our Total Quality Management platform, and peptide integrity ensured by our ArgonShield™ packing service, our breakthrough technologies are designed to deliver assay ready peptides of the highest quality.

Advantages of GenScript's ArgonShield™ Technology

Increased accuracy:

Prevents unexpected error in your peptide-based assays by eliminating oxidization and deliquescence.

Increases peptide stability and shelf-life:

Enables the possibility of long-term peptide storage by increasing stability (see case study below).

Saves time and money:

Longer shelf life allows for numerous peptides to be ordered at once, decreasing turnaround time and additional shipping costs.

Free service:

Service is free and is applied to every peptide synthesized by GenScript.

Case Study: See the ArgonShield™ Advantage

ArgonShield™ can maintain the stability of peptides having Cys, Trp, or Met residues even after 6 months of storage. Below, the stability of a peptide containing oxidation sensitive residues packaged with ArgonShield™ technology is demonstrated by HPLC analysis.

Black Peak: Peptide after synthesis and purification
Red Peak: Peptide without ArgonShield™ protection after 6 months of storage (smaller peaks denote new oxidized peptide species)
Green Peak: Peptides with ArgonShield™ protection after 6 months of storage

ArgonShield Case Study
ArgonShield™ prevents peptide oxidization after 6 months of storage.

Quotations and Ordering

ArgonShield™ is available for all peptide services, simply click on the links below to get a quote using our secure instant online quotation system: