GenEZ™ Mini ORF libraries represent curated groupings of key genes in diseases and cell signaling pathways. Unlike large cDNA libraries that may contain partial or mutated sequences, mini ORF libraries are delivered as fully sequence verified, ready-to-express clones. Choose one of our curated collection or cherry-pick your own set. Prices start at $495 (price is pre-tax, pre-shipping price based on selection of 5- $99 cherry-picked in-stock clones, each < 3 kb in standard vector). The genes in each library are selected on the basis of scientific relevance and in-stock status.

The Circadian Clock Pathway Mini ORF Library contains the genes below:

Gene Symbol GenScript CloneID Accession No.
ARNTL (BMAL1) OHu19939 NM_001178
CLOCK OHu23776 NM_001267843
CRY1 OHu15210 NM_004075
CRY2 OHu27506 NM_021117
CSNK1D OHu21099 NM_001893
CSNK1E OHu10985 NM_152221
FBXL3 OHu06084 NM_012158
TIPIN OHu25430 NM_017858


100% sequence-perfect clones delivered with chromatograms

10 μg of plasmid DNA for each clone