GenCircle™ dsDNA is a novel small circular double stranded DNA vector with a 429bp vector backbone for use as an efficient knock-in template, viral packaging plasmid, or non-viral vector. Both the antibiotic resistance gene and bacterial origin sequence have been removed, and the plasmid will not replicate outside of the engineered production host strain.

Standard plasmid vectors contain >1.5 kb backbones and antibiotic resistance genes that risk conferring drug resistance when used for in vivo applications. Smaller vector backbones generate lower cytotoxicity and immunogenicity, as well as offer better stability and higher transfection efficiency. See how GenCircle dsDNA containing your target gene can improve the safety and efficiency of your gene & cell therapy study.

Applications Field

Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Transposons vector
CRISPR KI template

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

AAV/LV packaging plasmid
non-viral GOI vector
mRNA preparation template



Antigen expression vector
mRNA preparation template

Gene Function Study

Disease Model
Gene Function Study

Transposons vector
CRISPR KI template


GenCircle dsNDA vs standard plasmid
Safer! No Antibiotic Resistance Gene

Safer! No Antibiotic Resistance Gene

  • No antibiotic resistance gene & antibiotic residual
  • Prevent plasmid replication outside of the engineered production host strain
Simpler! Lower Cytotoxicity & Immunogenicity

Simpler! Lower Cytotoxicity & Immunogenicity

  • Eliminate CpG islands and other bacterial origin sequences
  • Increase stability for longer persistence
Smaller! Proprietary high fidelity 400bp+ backbone  

Smaller! High fidelity 429bp backbone  

  • Higher gene expression from equivalent plasmid quantity
  • Achieve higher transfection efficiency
More Efficient! Increase KI/viral packaging/GOI expression efficiency

More Efficient! Increase KI/viral packaging/GOI expression efficiency

  • Increase knock-in efficiency by up to 30%
  • Improve viral titer up to 3 folds
  • Increase transcription levels up to 4 folds, and protein expression levels up to 39%

Service Details

Service Grade GOI Length* Quantity* Format TAT Application
GenCircle™ dsDNA HighPure 1-20 kb 100 μg - g Freeze-dried powder/ Solution liquid (Buffer is optional) From 11 Days
  • Transposons/Transposase vector
  • Viral packaging plasmid
  • GOI transcription & expression
  • CRISPR KI template

* For other GOI length & quantity request, please email [email protected] or call 1-877-436-7274.

Service options include:
1. GenScript provides GOI gene synthesis service, and then provides GenCircle dsDNA preparation service.
2. Customer provides GOI in plasmid, then GenScript provides GenCircle dsDNA preparation service.

QC Standards

QC Items QC Standards HighPure Grade UltraPure Grade
Concentration by A260 Guaranteed quantity
Identity by Sanger Sequencing Correct sequence
Identity by Restriction Analysis DNA bands of expected sizes detected by agarose gel electrophoresis (AGE)
Purity by A260/280 1.8-2.0
Plasmid Topology by AGE ≥ 90% supercoil
Bioburden by Inoculation Test No bacterial/ fungal growth after 48 hours
Endotoxin ≤ 0.01 EU/μg by Gel Clot Test
≤ 0.005 EU/μg by Chromogenic TAL Assay
Residual Host RNA by AGE No bands detected
Residual Host DNA Non-detectable by AGE Gray Scale Analysis (GIS=0)
≤ 5% by qPCR
Residual Host Protein by HCP ELISA ≤1%
pH by pH-metry TE Buffer: 8.00 ±0.50
ddH2O: (5.00-7.00) ±0.50
PBS: 7.40 ±0.50
Tris: 7.88 ±0.50

GenScript also offers full cGMP and GMP-like GenCircle dsDNA services enabling faster CAR-T drug development!

Cell Therapy

State-of-the-art facility

Clean suite with class A isolator in a class C background

Gene Therapy

Comprehensive QA/QC & documentation

supporting the IND filing process


All-encompassing non-viral solutions

RUO to cGMP linear ssDNA, dsDNA and miniaturized circular dsDNA

Case Studies

Successful Delivered Case

GenScript has successfully delivered multiple orders with a wide range of GOI lengths, including multiple complex or difficult-to-synthesize projects.

GOI lengths cases


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