GenEZ™ Mini ORF libraries represent curated groupings of key genes in diseases and cell signaling pathways. Unlike large cDNA libraries that may contain partial or mutated sequences, mini ORF libraries are delivered as fully sequence verified, ready-to-express clones. Choose one of our curated collection or cherry-pick your own set. Prices start at $495 (price is pre-tax, pre-shipping price based on selection of 5- $99 cherry-picked in-stock clones, each < 3 kb in standard vector). The genes in each library are selected on the basis of scientific relevance and in-stock status.

The Alzheimer's Disease Mini ORF Library contains the genes below:

Gene Symbol GenScript CloneID Accession No.
ADAM10 OHu21096 NM_001110
APOE OHu27296 NM_000041
APP OHu27259 NM_000484
BACE1 OHu18886 NM_012104
BACE2 OHu01546 NM_012105
BIN1 OHu26745 NM_139343
CASS4 OHu26416 NM_001164116
CD2AP OHu18393 NM_012120
CD33 OHu17282 NM_001772
CDK5 OHu12814 NM_004935
CELF1 OHu21783 NM_006560
CLU OHu22747 NM_001831
EPHA1 OHu23049 NM_005232
FERMT2 OHu23116 NM_006832
HLA-DRB5 OHu25724 NM_002125
MEF2C OHu20488 NM_002397
MS4A7 OHu29411 NM_021201
NME8 OHu27090 NM_016616
PICALM OHu27304 NM_007166
PSEN1 OHu27909 NM_000021
PSEN2 OHu24950 NM_000447
SLC24A4 OHu22819 NM_153646
TREM2 OHu27625 NM_018965
ZCWPW1 OHu16813 NM_017984


100% sequence-perfect clones delivered with chromatograms

10 μg of plasmid DNA for each clone