GenScript now provides reliable long RNA oligos up to 160 bases to meet even more research application needs. To ensure that the RNA oligos are of highest quality, all RNA oligonucleotides are identified by electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and purified by RNase-free HPLC. To meet quality control specifications, the deviation from measured mass to calculated mass must be no more than 1‰ and the purity of the RNA must be more than 90%.


Single-guide RNA for CRISPR genome editing
RNA based diagnostics and therapeutics development

Competitive Advantages

Ships in 8 business days

Comprehensive modifications

Over 20 years of experience in oligo synthesis and modifications

ISO9001 certificated, comprehensive quality assurance

  • ESI-MS guaranteeing mass variation
  • RNase-free HPLC results guaranteeing more than 90% purity