The AmMag™ Quatro an automated solution for purification of large-scale, high-quality, transfection-grade plasmids. The comprehensive solution consists of a system controller that provides simultaneous operation of up to 4 independent purification modules, along with pre-filled consumables and verified protocols. Each purification module can process up to 6 samples in one run.

The AmMag™ leverages magnetic bead technology and related reagents to automate the entire maxi-scale purification process with increased efficiency and higher throughput.

System Features

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Solution includes AmMag ready-to-use lot traceable kits and verified protocols.


Purify up to 24 samples with a 4 module setup in as little as 2 hours.


Modular design provides throughput scalability with individual module operation, with each module purifying up to 6 samples.

Transfection Grade Plasmid

High yield, low endo-toxin, transfection grade plasmid DNA.


Product List

Instrument Solutions
Product number Product Name Description Price
D00018 AmMag™ Quatro System Controller One controller can control up to 4 modules independently Quote
D00019 AmMag™ Quatro Automation Purification Module One module can purify up to 6 samples per run Quote
Reagent Kits
Product number Product Name Price
L00943-24 AmMag™ Quatro Plasmid Purification Kit Maxi 24 prep – Elution: TE buffer – 24 samples Quote
L00882-24 AmMag™ Quatro Plasmid Purification Kit Maxi 24 prep – Elution: H20 – 24 samples Quote

Technical Resources

GenScript’s AmMag™ Quatro Brochure
GenScript’s AmMag™ Quatro Brochure

Automated large-scale, high-throughput plasmid purification solution

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GenScript’s AmMag™ Quatro Flyer
GenScript’s AmMag™ Quatro Flyer

Fully automated maxi-scale plasmid purification
AmMag™ Quatro

Free Download
GenScript’s AmMag™ Quatro Webinar
GenScript’s AmMag™ Quatro Webinar

Learn about automating Plasmid Maxi-prep with AmMag™ Quatro

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