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Recommended Peptide Purity

GenScript proposes a range of different purity levels to help you choose the right peptide purity for your peptide-based assays and applications. The list below displays the suggested peptide purity level that should be requested for various peptide applications. All purity levels are available via our Custom Peptide Synthesis Services.

Peptides with purity greater than 70% are used for generating or testing antibodies. Peptides with an 85% purity level or greater are usually used in enzyme assays or biological activity studies. Peptides with purity greater than 95% are excellent for quantitative analysis. GenScript can also provide peptides with purity greater than 98% in large quantities, for use in commercial applications by industrial customers.

At GenScript, peptide quality is verified by both HPLC and mass spectrometry analyses. QC data is included in the peptide delivery.

Purity Application
Immunograde Peptides
Peptide purity >70%
  • ELISA testing
  • Peptide arrays
  • Antigens for polyclonal antibody production or affinity purification 
Biochemistry Grade Peptides
Peptide purity >85%
  • NMR studies
  • Epitope mapping
  • Phosphorylation studies
  • Peptide blocking studies for Western Blot
  • Cell attachment studies
High Purity Grade Peptides
Peptide purity >95%
  • SAR studies
  • Quantitative receptor-ligand interactions studies
  • Quantitative blocking and competitive inhibition studies
  • Quantitative phosphorylation studies
  • Quantitative proteolysis studies
  • In vitro bioassays
  • In vitro studies
Industrial Grade Peptides
Peptide purity >98%
  • Crystallography
  • cGMP peptides for drug studies
  • Cosmetic peptides for cosmeceuticals

Delivery Specifications

Typical custom peptide synthesis delivery consists of lyophilized peptide of the required sequence, purity, and quantity, plus the associated QC reports. Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to GenScript's stringent quality control.

Quotations and Ordering

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