Quantitative PCR (qPCR), also known as real-time PCR, is a common technique utilized in basic research and clinical molecular diagnostic applications. It is widely used to diagnose infectious diseases, cancer, genetic-based diseases and to facilitate precision medicine.

GenScript provides customized qPCR probes and oligo primers with application-based QC standards to support your qPCR experiments.

Amplicon-based enrichment

Avoid false positive signal in the No Template Control (NTC)

All probes and oligo primers are manufactured in a clean room with strict control of the external environment to prevent exogenous contamination. Presence of exogenous contamination can cause an interference peak in the NTC, thus skewing qPCR results.

High amplification efficiency

GenScript has optimized the synthesis and purification processes to create qPCR probes and oligo primers to provide high QC standards of qPCR materials, including high purity, optimal dye stability and fluorescent signal. Our high QC standards ensure specific and improved amplification of your template.

Self-developed qPCR probe design tool

GenScript developed an online tool to help you design primers and probes for your quantitative PCR experiments using TaqMan. You can customize the potential PCR amplicon's size range, melting temperature (Tm) for the primers and probes, and the organism being investigated. In addition, you can decide how many primer/probe sets you want the tool to create. Target sequences can be inputted manually, however, we recommend using the GenBank Accession to input your target sequence.

Introduction of TaqMan qPCR experiment

Primers and dye-labeled probes are combined with DNA template

Denaturing of DNA template and annealing of primers and probes to template

Amplification of template and accumulation of fluorescent signal with each cycle

qPCR probes and oligo primers ordering information

Types Purification method Length TAT & Price Delivers
Probe HPLC+ 15-30 nt Enquiry
  • Tubes or plates
  • Powder
  • COA document
F/R primers

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