A Novel Drug Delivery Vehicle

GenScript proudly offers lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation services for mRNA and circular RNA drug research and development service.

LNPs have been proven to be an effective drug delivery system for RNA therapeutics which can be easily degraded in vivo. The lipid layer can fuse with the cell membrane, allowing the encapsulated RNA to enter the cell and exert its therapeutic effect. They also protect therapeutic agents from degradation and improve their bioavailability

LNPs are used in various applications, such as delivering RNA-based therapeutics or small molecules.

Variety of ionizable lipid formulation with high encapsulation efficiency

Variety of ionizable lipid formulation with high encapsulation efficiency

Proven in vitro delivery & expression efficiency

Proven in vitro delivery & expression efficiency

Variety of ionizable lipid formulation with high encapsulation efficiency

Tested for in vivo expression
via both I.M. and I.V.

LNP Service Options


  • Ionizable lipid formulations
    (MC3-LNP / SM102-LNP/ ALC0315-LNP/ LP01-LNP)
  • Final concentration can be customized <0.4 mg/mL
  • Liquid, ships frozen on dry ice, one time freeze/thaw cycle

QC Testing

  • Encapsulation Efficiency: >85%
  • Size Distribution: POI ±20 nm
  • Polydispersity Index: <0.2
  • Zeta potential: ± 15 mV
  • pH: 7.4 ± 0.5
  • Endotoxin : <4 EU/ml 

Size/Scale Options

  • Load 20nt ~ 10kb mRNA
  • Load  1- 30 mg mRNA


  • Intramuscular (I.M.) for animal use only
  • Intravenous (I.V.) for animal use only
  • For in vitro studies

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Manufacturing Workflow

Our integrated IVT RNA manufacturing workflow streamlines production from gene synthesis to LNP packaging.

Manufacturing Workflow

Quality Control and Specification

Item Test Method Specification RUO Standard QC RUO Upgrade QC
Appearance Visual Inspect Clear and free of foreign particles​
Final Concentration RiboGreen assay 0.1 – 0.4 mg/mL
Encapsulation Efficiency RiboGreen assay > 85%
Encapsulated RNA Integrity Bioanalyzer > 75%
Particle size Dynamic light scattering POI ±20 nm, 65-125mm
Poly Dispersity Index Dynamic light scattering < 0.2
Zeta Potential Zetasizer by dynamic light scattering ± 15.0 mV
PH​ pH paper 7.4 ± 0.5​
Endotoxin​ Quantitative <4 EU/ml
Bioburden​ Direct inoculation No Growth after 48hrs

Case Studies


LNP Case Study Report
LNP Case Study Report

Case studies demonstrating encapsulation and delivery efficiency of GenScript’s new LNP formulations in cell models, and mouse models via both IM and IV.

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