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antibody humanization

Antibody Humanization Service

Antibody humanization is the process to replace non-human frameworks of a non-human (usually) mAb with human ones. The key for a successful humanization is to maintain the affinity of the antibody while replacing the residues. GenScript’s unique antibody humanization service combines CDR-grafting, library-based proprietary ‘framework assembly’ method (US20120316085 (A1)) and FASEBA screening (FAst Screening for Expression level, Biophysical properties, and Affinities). The antibody can be humanized and at the same time engineered for better properties like expression level and thermostability. See the case study below:

antibody humanization

The deluxe humanization project is carried out as follows: After antibody sequencing and binding confirmation, sequences of the variable domains of the mouse antibody are analyzed. Based on the sequence analysis, a number of human frameworks are selected for the construction of humanized Fab phagemid library. Phage display technology is employed to isolate and enrich high-affinity humanized binders from the library. The binders are subjected to GenScript’s proprietary technology-FASEBA screening, which allows the selection of the optimal leads not only with respect to antigen binding potency, but also to the expression, stability and other biophysical properties which are important for optimal manufacturing and the in vivo behavior. What’s more, our well-established screening platform is suited to all kind of biomolecules, so there is no restriction to the type of antigen! It can be a small molecule, a protein, or cells!

Deluxe Package (SC1411) for Antibody Humanization (SC1411)

Milestones Deliverables Timeline Price
Humanized Fab Library design and construction
  • Sequence, DNA and 1 mg of purified protein of humanized antibody with affinity matching its parental non-human antibody
  • Report
24 weeks
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Phage display and FASEBA screening
Humanized antibody production and characterization

Key Features:

  • Affinity: We guarantee affinity of the humanized antibody to be equal to or higher than affinity of your parental antibody. Otherwise, only the setup fee will be charged.
  • IP: We use our proprietary technologies (US patent US20120316085(A1)) for antibody humanization.
  • FASEBA: FAst Screening for Expression level, Biophysical properties, and Affinities

An alternative to the deluxe humanization package, GenScript’s express humanization service renders the quick humanization in as short as 13 weeks.

Express Package (SC1410) for Antibody Humanization (SC1410)

Milestones Deliverables Timeline Price
Design of humanized antibody or scFv
  • Sequence, DNA and 0.2 mg purified protein of top humanized antibody from an affinity ranking of 25 (five heavy chain х five light chain) humanized antibodies
  • Report
13 weeks
Construction of humanized antibody or scFv
Expression and affinity ranking of humanized antibodies

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