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antibody humanization

Antibody Humanization Service

Express Package (SC1410)

Milestones Deliverables Timeline Price

Structure modeling and design

  • Sequence, DNA and 0.2 mg purified protein of top humanized antibody from an affinity ranking of 25 (five heavy chain х five light chain) humanized antibodies
  • Report
9 weeks $41,000

Construction of humanized antibody

Expression and affinity ranking of humanized antibody

Deluxe Package (SC1411)

Milestones Deliverables Timeline Price

Library design and construction

  • Sequence, DNA and 1 mg of purified protein of humanized antibody with affinity matching its parental murine antibody
  • Report
24 weeks Please inquire

Phage display and FASEBA screening

Antibody production and characterization

Key Features:
  • Affinity: We guarantee affinity of the humanized antibody to be equal to or higher than affinity of your parental antibody. Otherwise, only the setup fee will be charged.
  • IP: We use our proprietary technologies (US patent application number 61/494,593) for antibody humanization.
  • FASEBA: FAst Screening for Expression level, Biophysical properties, and Affinities FASEBA.pdf

With our proprietary framework assembly antibody humanization platform and FASEBA screening platform, GenScript's Deluxe Antibody Humanization Service provides a novel humanization approach that bypasses the requirement for structure-related information and the construction of large library, making the approach more efficient in generating humanized antibodies than both rational and empirical methods.

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