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GenScript offers high-quality and high-purity biochemicals for molecular biology, cell culture, biopharmaceuticals and other related uses. Under our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative techniques, all our biochemical products are available at a low cost with a quality guarantee to fit your research needs.


Biological Buffers

Biological buffers are widely used in biochemical and biological research and include CHES, MOPS, ACES, CAPSO, HEPES, MES, BES, CAPS, etc.


Quaternary Ammonium Salts

This lipophilic quaternary ammonium salt allows reactions with the succinimide anion to be run in aprotic, organic solvents.


Peptide Building Blocks/Amino Acid

The standard amino acids for Fmoc-/tBu-Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis are available with multiple combinations of different protecting groups and schemes.


PCR reagents/dNTPs

It is important to use highly pure dNTPs, as the presence of contaminating impurities in PCR can result in a decrease in amplification, sensitivity and product yield.



GenScript offers several active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for your research and discovery needs. In addition, our product line is still developing, and new pharmaceutical products will be available soon .