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In Vivo Drug Efficacy Evaluation

GenScript's animal model services include tumor and inflammatory/immunological disease models, mainly focusing on efficacy evaluation of antibody drugs and small molecular ones.

Oncology Tumor Model Services

We have validated lots of human cell lines based on xenograft models and established a tumor tissue bank with various patient-derived human primary tumor models. Besides, GenScript has set up orthotopic and metastatic tumor models with in vivo bioluminescence imaging.

With capabilities in molecular tumor biology and pathology, GenScript offers the following services to help our clients with anti-tumor efficacy investigation, proof-of-concept study, dose-effect study, translational biomarker research and mechanism research.

Tumor Model Cat. No.
Subcutaneous Xenograft Tumor Models SC1549
Orthotopic Tumor Models SC1550
Metastatic Tumor Models SC1551
Patient-derived Human Primary Tumor Models SC1552
Syngeneic Mouse Tumor Models SC1553

Inflammatory/Immunological Disease Model Services (Cat.No.SC1555)

Inflammation is a fundamental response to tissue injury and invasion of pathogens, and leukocytes are key players in the inflammatory response. Virtually all nucleated cells, especially endo/epithelial cells and resident macrophages are potent producers of cytokines, such as IL-1, IL-6 and TNF-α. Many anti-inflammatory drugs, including antibody drugs, emerged through targeting the cytokines and signal pathway involved in the inflammatory process.

GenScript has validated a wide range of inflammatory disease models with international standards to accelerate your drug development.

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