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Toxicity Assessment (Cat.No.SC1548)

The basic goal of toxicity assessment is to identify the adverse effects a drug may cause and how these effects depend on exposure dose. For assessing toxicity and accelerating your drug development, GenScript offers wide range and fast turnaround GLP/non-GLP toxicity study services, which can be done in mice, zebra fish, rodent, canines or non-human primates, ranging from acute toxicity, chronic toxicity to other specialty toxicological assessment.

  • Toxicity Assessment
GenScript offers the following toxicity services:
  • Single and multiple dosing toxicity (rodent)
  • Single and multiple dosing toxicity (non-rodent, including non-human primate)
  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Genetic toxicity (Ames assay, micronucleus test and chromosomal aberrations)
  • Local toxicity test
  • Immune toxicity
  • Safety pharmacology
  • Toxicokinetics
  • Carcinogenic test
  • Dose range finding study
  • Single and repeat maximum tolerated dose (MTD) study
  • Acute toxicity
  • Sub-chronic/chronic toxicity

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