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beta Actin Antibody

THE™ beta Actin Antibody (Mouse)

Beta actin is one of six different actin isoforms that have been identified. The actin molecules found in cells of various species and tissues tend to be very similar in their immunological and physical properties. As a consequence, it has been difficult to produce potent antisera against this protein. Therefore, the availability of monoclonal antibodies to beta actin provides a useful and specific tool in the study of the intracellular distribution of beta actin and aspects of the cytoskeleton.

THE™ beta Actin antibody is one of THE™ Elite antibodies provided by GenScript, the best quality in the industry. The superior specificity of THE™ beta Actin antibody can test the antigen proteins as low as 0.8 ng. Furthermore, THE™ beta Actin antibody recognizes corresponding antigen from various mammalian animals.

Key Features

  • High Specificity: No non-specific binding.
  • High Sensitivity: Detection of antigen as low as 0.8 ng
  • Clear Background: High signal to no background
  • Species Reactivity: Recognition of antigen from various mammalian animals
  • Long-term Stability: Lyophilized form remains stable for at least two years
  • Product Details
  • Examples

Cat. No.
Product Name
A00702-40 THETM beta Actin Antibody, mAb, Mouse
40 μg
A00702-200 THETM beta Actin Antibody, mAb, Mouse
200 μg
A00702-100 THETM beta Actin Antibody, mAb, Mouse
100 μg
A00730-40 THETM beta Actin Antibody [HRP], mAb, Mouse
40 μg
A00730-200 THETM beta Actin Antibody [HRP], mAb, Mouse
200 μg
A01546 THETM beta Actin Antibody [Biotin], mAb, Mouse
100 μg

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  1. Sensitivity Comparison

beta Actin Antibody

  Sensitivity comparison of beta Actin Antibody from GenScript (A00702, 0.1 μg/ml) and Abcam (Clone 8226, 0.1 μg/ml)

   2. Species Reactivity Detection

beta Actin Antibody

  Wide reactivity of species samples (20 μg) using THE™ beta Actin Antibody (A00702, 1 μg/ml)
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