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Antibody Services
Antibody Service

GenScript offers one-stop sequence to custom antibody production solutions for both polyclonal and monoclonal antibody services. In addition to production of custom antibodies, we offer services in antibody conjugation, fragmentation, sequencing, scale-up, immunoassay development and antibody drug development, to meet your variety of needs.

Polyclonal Antibody Services FAST pAb Services-PolyExpress™, Standard pAb Services   Monoclonal Antibody Services FAST mAb Services-MonoExpress™, Custom mAb Services, Premium Hybridoma Services
Phospho-Specific Antibody Services Phospho-Specific pAb and mAb Services   Scale-up Antibody Services Scale-up pAb and mAb Services, In vivo Ascite production, In vitro  Roller bottle production
Specialized Antibody Services Antibody Drug Development, Immunoassay, Purification, Modifications, Conjugation   Resources, Technology, and References Tech Resource Center, Tech & Protocols, Publications, FAQ, News & Applications

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed Results: The best guarantees in the industry including Western-guaranteed packages and ELISA titer guarantees.

  • Optimized immunization: Our OptimumAntigen™ design tool, proprietary adjuvant, and intelligent Antigen Strategy increase antibody specificity and affinity.

  • Certified facility: AAALAC International accreditation and OLAW certification, demonstrating our commitment to responsible animal care and use. (Assurance number: A5892-01, Verify at OLAW official website)

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