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GenScript's CloneReady™ Gene Collection is now part of the GenPool™ ORF Cloning Database

GenScript's GenPool™ ORF Cloning Service offers the world's largest commercial ORF clone database ,with over 2,428,863 ORF clones from 186 different species. You'll find all of the 120,000 Human/Mouse/Rat ORF genes that used to make up the CloneReady™ Gene Collection, now indexed in the GenPool™ ORF Clone database – and still priced at the same $0.29/bp you've long expected.

GenPool™ offers convenient ordering of validated ORF sequences. It's easy to add on custom subcloning into your vector of choice and custom plasmid preparation so that you'll be ready to start your experiments the day your clones arrive.

If you need codon optimization or other customization for your sequences, please request a quote for Gene Synthesis.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact your Sales Rep directly, or contact our customer service representatives using the contact info below. Thank you for loyalty to GenScript as we constantly strive to improve and streamline our service offerings.