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Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

GenPlus™ Next-Generation Gene Synthesis Technology

GenPlus™ next-generation gene synthesis technology is the best-in-class high-throughput (HT) technology for gene synthesis. GenScript's HT gene synthesis technology dramatically lowers the price and increases the throughput of gene synthesis. This breakthrough makes it far more affordable for research laboratories to harness the power of gene synthesis to tackle research projects ranging from screening gene variant libraries, determining structure-function relationships, investigating the regulation of gene expression, optimizing protein function and expression, or creating novel antibodies through antibody engineering. GenScript invites the global life science and biomedical research community to partner with us to explore the new possibilities that open up with this unprecedented HT gene synthesis technology.


  • Lowest price in the market: Custom Gene Synthesis as low as $99/construct or $0.23/bp. Institutional discounts and contract prices may apply. Please contact us for more details.
  • No minimum order size: Our next-generation technology platform can be used for either high-throughput gene synthesis (≥25 genes) or economy gene synthesis of a single gene.
  • Cloning into any plasmid vector is available for a nominal additional charge, and other downstream services can be seamlessly added to your order.
  • 100% sequence accuracy guarantee. Each order is delivered with:
    • Sequence chromatograms covering each gene (electronic)
    • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
    • Quality assurance certificate
  • Convenient Deliverable:Unlike double-stranded DNA fragments deliverables from other companies, GenScript's GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis delivers 96-well plates conforming to SBS (ANSLI/SLAS) specifications for high-throughput screening, with each well containing 4 µg lyophilized pUC57 plasmid DNA containing a single sequence-verified gene insert. With a minimal validation fee, you can choose to clone into the plasmid vector of your choice.
  • Codon Optimization with GenScript's patented OptimumGene™ algorithm is available free of charge.
  • No order is too big –GenPlus™ high-throughput gene synthesis technology drives the world's largest-capacity gene synthesis platform, capable of synthesizing over 100 million base pairs per month. We welcome partnership opportunities to help you explore new frontiers of biomedicine and fundamental life science research.

Price and Turnaround Time

For orders ≥25 genes, please refer Cat No. SC1645 GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis below. For orders of fewer than genes, please refer to our GenPlus™ Economy Gene Synthesis service.

Catalog Number
Gene length
Turnaround time (business days)
SC 1645
GenPlus™ High-throughput
Gene Synthesis
≤1500 bp 20 days Minimum charge $99 per construct or $0.23/bp
1501 - 3000 bp 25 days $0.23/bp
3 kb - 4.5 kb 25-35 days $0.26/bp
4.5 kb - 6 kb 35 days $0.26/bp
6 kb - 10 kb 45 days $0.26/bp
SC 1669
GenPlus™ High-throughput cloning
N/A 5 days $499 set-up fee+

* Institutional discounts and contract prices may apply. Please contact us for more details
+ For cloning into vectors other than pUC57, a one-time vector set-up fee of $499 per vector (Cat No. SC 1670) will be applied in addition to the per-construct charge.


GenPlus™ is an ideal tool for creating DNA constructs to use in:

The unmatched capacity of GenPlus™ to synthesize 100 million base pairs of custom DNA can accelerate your research in truly revolutionary ways.

Genome synthesis: synthesize the equivalent of 10 complete yeast genomes in one month
Pathway synthesis: synthesize 5000 variants of 20kb genetic circuits encoding biosynthetic pathway enzymes in one month
Mutagenesis libraries: synthesize site-saturated, sequential permutation, or other types of systematic or rationally-designed mutant libraries containing up to 106 unique, sequence-verified mutants within one month.

Quotes and Ordering Process

GenPlus™ Gene Synthesis (for ≥25 genes): Cat No. SC1645
If you need fewer than 25 genes, please select from our other Gene Synthesis Services.

Ordering Process Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

For quotation requests:

  • Orders can be placed by phone, email, or fax with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.
  • Our global team of Ph.D.-level gene service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday by email or phone (1-732-885-9188). We can help manage your projects from sequence design, optimization, synthesis, cloning and beyond without any additional charges (certain Terms and Conditions Apply).
  • Custom project details are kept strictly confidential, with all intellectual property rights belonging to the client. GenScript does not claim any rights to specialized synthetic or OptimumGene™ codon-optimized genes.