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BacPower™ Guaranteed Package

Our popular BacPower™ Bacterial Expression Platform is getting more sophisticated! We now fully guarantee both the expression amount and purity of your protein with our 3 assurances: FREE codon optimization, FREE Gene synthesis, and FREE subcloning, if the project fails. Simply send us your protein sequence and let us do the rest. We offer protein customization options that even let you choose your desired purity (either 75% or 85%), as well as the option of producing tag-free proteins. We guarantee delivery of 3mg of your custom protein and offer easy and inexpensive options to add more to your order. Place your order today to experience unprecedented high quality service yet low pricing, exclusively offered with our BacPower™ Guaranteed Package.

BacPower™ Guaranteed Package with unprecedented assurance

  • FREE Gene synthesis
  • Guarantees the amount of custom protein - or it's FREE*
  • Guarantees the purity of custom protein - or it's FREE*
  • Guarantees tag-free custom protein, if required - or it's FREE*
  • Competitive price - starting from $2,200
  • Fast turnaround - in as little as 6 weeks

* Customized protein services apply if the target protein is greater than 100KDa

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Target protein sequence
  • Optimized gene sequence report
  • Guaranteed 3mg protein with 75% or 85% purity
  • QC data (SDS-PAGE & Western Blot)
  • 6-10 weeks for
    tagged protein
  • 8-12 weeks for
    tag-free protein
Starting from $2,200

Quotations and Ordering

  • To request a quotation, please fill in the Quotation Form and send it to us by email or fax. Download the Quotation Form in following list:
    • For BacPower™ Guaranteed Package, please download the
    • For BacPower™ Customized Protein Service (SC1318), please download the
  • To order, please download and complete the Quotation/Order Form and send it to us by email or fax with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card information. You can also submit PO/credit card information by phone or via our secure online messaging system.
  • If submitting samples, please mail them together with a hard copy of the completed Quotation/Order Form to: Protein Services, GenScript, 860 Centennial Avenue., Piscataway, NJ 08854, US.
  • For questions or to inquire about the status of your order, contact us by email, phone, fax or via our secure online messaging system.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.