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Collaborations and Partnerships:
GenScript specializes in serving the biological research community with its high quality services and products as well as excellent customer care. In addition, we also offer several of our services and products on an OEM basis and look forward to working with our business collaborators towards a mutually beneficial partnership.
We offer the following services on an OEM basis:
Custom Services Offered by GenScript on an OEM Basis
Gene Manipulations Protein Expression & Purification
Peptide Synthesis Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibody Production

Our gene manipulation services include de novo gene synthesis with codon optimization to boost the expression of a gene, cloning and library construction, PCR and site-directed mutagenesis. We have the facility to do protein expression and purification in any of the three systems of your choice, namely, bacteria, insect and yeast. Our state-of-the-art peptide synthesis allows us to deliver high quality peptides with stringent QC analyses. Likewise, our proprietary methodology allows us to make antibodies against any type of antigen and we can meet any specifications you require
Products offered by GenScript on an OEM basis:
Product Line
PCR Products Including Taq, dNTP, Marker
DNA Purification Kits Including MiniPrep, Gel Extraction, and PCR Purification Kits
Epitope Tag Antibodies Used epitope tags include 6-Histidine, Haemaglutinin, c-Myc, GST, and DYKDDDDK.
Chemicals Amino Acids and Peptide Building Blocks
Protein (GST) Purification Kits GST fusion proteins can be purified directly from bacterial lysate using it
Catalog Peptides Over 500 in-stock Peptides
Oligonucleotides GenScript vector primers are HPLC purified, and sequencing tested. Each vial contains a total of 500 pmol lyopholized oligonucleotide
Protein A&G Including Protein A & G resins.

Our entire product line is designed to be user friendly and where applicable the yields of DNA using our purification and extraction kits are high and reproducible. Contact GenScript at for our competitive pricing on OEM products and services.