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One-Stop Assay Services

GenScript abides by its one-stop philosophy for assay development services, providing precision and convenience at competitive prices. GenScript offers an array of high-quality reagents and services that are coordinated into a harmonious union for assay development and drug discovery. These services range from custom gene synthesis (drug target expression), protein (drug targets including kinases, proteases, and more) and peptide production to custom cell line development (GPCRs, ion channels), as well as biochemical and cell-based assay services. With our determination to provide world-class profiling and screening services, and the dedication of our experienced team, GenScript can design specific assay to fit the needs of your projects.

Please contact us to discuss how GenScript's One-Stop Assay Services can support your research.

Quotations and Ordering:

For quotations, you may contact us by email (, phone (Toll-Free: 1-877-436-7274), fax (1-732-210-0262), or via our secure online messaging system.

Orders can be placed by email, phone or fax either a PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist you.