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Discovery Biology Services
Cell Line Services

GenScript is a leading biology CRO focusing on small molecule and antibody drug development. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, which include antibody and protein engineering, in vitro pharmacology, and in vivo pharmacology. With a record of proven success, we provide high quality services along with stringent IP protection and the convenience of being a one-stop solution.

Antibody and Protein Engineering

We offer comprehensive services for antibody drug development.

Affinity Maturation, sdAb development   See more  

In Vitro Pharmacology

We are capable of developing target validation, lead finding, and lead optimization assays for small molecule and antibody based drug discovery.

CellPower™ Stable Cells, ADCC&CDC Assays   See more  

In Vivo Pharmacology

GenScript offers over 120 tumor and inflammation models for drug discovery. We also offer PK/PD, biomarker and bioanalysis services for a comprehensive in vivo solution.

Inflammatory Disease, Patient-Derived Human Primary Tumor (PDX) Models   See more