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Human Tumor Cell Line Profiling

Tumor Cell Line Profiling

Despite decades of active research, cancer remains the most common cause of human deaths especially in developed countries. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in cancer research and development of anti-cancer therapies. Expensive failures of potential blockbuster drugs in clinical trial stage force pharmaceutical companies to pay more attention to preclinical drug development.

More intensive preclinical studies will help you better understand pharmacological mechanism, ease drug safety concerns, evaluate drug efficacy, thereby increasing the success rate in late stages. GenScript offers comprehensive Tumor Cell Line Profiling services as your single solution of anti-cancer drug development. The Tumor Cell Line Profiling services range from high throughput screening (HTS) against pharmacological targets or tumor cell lines to in vitro drug efficacy evaluation.

Key features:

Tumor Cell Line Profiling Services include:

  • Growth Inhibition Assay
  • Apoptosis Assay Services
  • Cell Line Panel

Growth inhibition assays are used widely to evaluate the death or life of tumor cells and calculate the potency of anticancer drug candidates. As new inexpensive and high throughput assay methods emerging, cell cytotoxicity/viability assays become more and more popular in primary screening for anticancer drugs.

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