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Enterokinase, Light Chain, Porcine

Cat. No.
Product Name
Z01003 Enterokinase, Light Chain, Porcine
100 IU

Protein Enterokinase, Light Chain, Porcine
Enterokinase; EK
Enterokinase, Light Chain, Porcine zoomEnterokinase, Light Chain, Porcine
Biological Activity
One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme needed to cleave 50 μg of fusion protein in 16 hours to 95% completion at 22°C in a buffer containing 25 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0.
P. pastoris
Molecular Weight
Theoretical MW: 21,880 Da
The apparent MW on SDS-PAGE: about 40,000 Da
GenScript Enterokinase is a highly purified recombinant porcine enterokinase. The enzyme has been extensively purified and tested to ensure that there are no other contaminating proteases. Enterokinase is a specific protease that cleaves after a lysine preceded by four aspartic acids: Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys. Enterokinase will not cleave, however, if this lysine is followed by a proline. Enterokinase can remove fusion tags is located in the N-terminal section of proteins, useful for removing unwanted tags.
GenScript enterokinase, formulated using GenScript's proprietary technology, can be shipped at room temperature. It will remain stable at 37°C for one week without losing any activity.
Store at -20°C after delivery.
50 ul, 2 U/ul
  • C40041501_Z01003_COA.pdf
  • Citation
    Palmai-Pallag T, et al. The role of the SEA (sea urchin sperm protein, enterokinase and agrin) module in cleavage of membrane-tethered mucins. FEBS J. Jun 2005; 272(11): 2901-2911.

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