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referral program

Referral Program

referral rewards

Refer your friends and get gifts using referral program! Simply help us get the word out about our great deals and we will give your newly registered friend a high quality Triple Usage Laser Pen (showing on the right). In return, you will also get a laser pen with additional 1,000 EzCouponTM points.

How it works
  • 1. Log in to your account, then click the "Join In and Win" button
  • 2. Enter up to 5 email addresses of your friends
  • 3. Your friend will receive a high quality Triple Usage Laser Pen on first successful purchase
  • 4. You will receive a laser pen, and additional 1,000 EzCouponTM points
  • 5. Receive more gifts by referring more friends

It’s easy and risk free. Log in to your account and follow the link Enter up to five email addresses, add a personal message, and then hit "send".

Each friend you refer will receive a high quality Triple Usage Laser Pen on their first successful purchase. We will also send you 1,000 EzCouponTM points and a laser pen for each friend who purchases using the GenScript Referral Program.

It's just that simple!

join in referral program

Learn more about GenScript G-Reward Center EzCouponTM points.

The person you refer will need to use the link in the e-mail that is sent automatically on your behalf from GenScript when you refer them. By using this link, the special "Referral" offer will be activated.