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SD1176 pUC57 plasmid DNA
50 μg

pUC57 plasmid DNA

pUC57 is a common used plasmid cloning vector in E. coli. The vector length is 2,710 bp and is isolated from E. coli strain DH5α by standard procedures.
Storage Buffer and Concentration
Supplied in lyophilized form. Store at -20°C.

Store at -20°C

Forward Sequencing Primer

Reverse Sequencing Primer

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  • Document

  • Document-MSDS: 1084_20051003104721.PDF (PDF)
  • Document-DATASHEET: SD1176_datasheet.pdf (pdf)
  • Document-COA: 14215_20111114035405.PDF (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 176752-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 192309-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 202317-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 205926-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 263357-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 309270-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 376929-1-1_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 376929-1-2_COA.pdf (PDF)
  • Document-COA: 386429-1_COA.pdf (PDF)

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