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M00254 CHO-K1/BB1 Stable Cell Line
2 vials
Product Name CHO-K1/BB1 Stable Cell Line
CHO-K1/BB1 Stable Cell LineTECHNICAL MANUAL: M00254_Manual.pdf (pdf)
CHO-K1/BB1 Stable Cell LineDocument-MSDS: 13197_20100813045944.PDF (PDF)
CHO-K1/BB1 Stable Cell Line zoomCHO-K1/BB1 Stable Cell Line
The bombesin receptor family is a member of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily and consists of three subtypes of receptors: BB1 (neuromedin B receptor), BB2 (gastrin-releasing peptide receptor), and BB3. These receptors are widely distributed in mammals especially in the CNS and gastrointestinal tract and have numerous effects both physiologically and in pathologic processes including having an autocrine growth action on normal tissues and tumors; potent CNS effects (satiety, circadian rhythm, various behaviors); and potent effects in the immune, gastrointestinal, respiratory and urogenital systems.
The human BB1 receptor has a greater than 100-fold higher affinity for neuromedin B than gastrin-releasing peptide. Interaction of ligand and BB1 activates the Gαq/11 pathway and increase the intracellular calcium concentration. GenScript's BB1-expressing stable cell line was made in CHO-K1 host cell and optimized for calcium assays.
Freeze Medium
45% culture medium, 45% FBS, 10% DMSO
Culture Medium
Ham's F12, 10% FBS, 400 μg/ml G418
Liquid nitrogen immediately upon delivery
Functional assay for BB1 receptor
Application Examples
Figure 1. Neuromedin B-induced concentration-dependent stimulation of intracellular calcium mobilization in CHO-K1/BB1 and CHO-K1 cells. The cells were loaded with Calcium-4 prior to stimulation with a BB1 receptor agonist, Neuromedin B. The intracellular calcium change was measured by FlexStation. The relative fluorescent units (RFU) were plotted against the log of the cumulative doses (10-fold dilution) of Neuromedin B (Mean ± SD, n = 2). The EC50 of Neuromedin B on BB1 in CHO-K1 cells was 0.025 nM. The S/B of Neuromedin B on BB1 in CHO-K1 cells was 7.
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