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M00340 CHO-K1/ADRA1D Stable Cell Line
2 vials
Product Name CHO-K1/ADRA1D Stable Cell Line
CHO-K1/ADRA1D Stable Cell LineTECHNICAL MANUAL: M00340_Manual.pdf (pdf)
CHO-K1/ADRA1D Stable Cell LineDocument-MSDS: 13244_20100815220112.PDF (PDF)
CHO-K1/ADRA1D Stable Cell Line zoomCHO-K1/ADRA1D Stable Cell Line
The α1-adrenergic receptor (AR) family consists of three closely related gene products (α1A, α1B, and α1D). They mediate the actions of norepinephrine (NE) and epinephrine in sympathetically innervated tissues and brain. α1-ARs belong to the G protein-coupled receptor family and consist of single polypeptide chains that are predicted to form seven transmembrane spanning domains. With similar pharmacological and signaling properties, α1-AR subtypes act through Gq/11 proteins to activate phospholipase C, increase inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate production, and increase intracellular Ca2+.
Freeze Medium
45% culture medium, 45%FBS, and 10% DMSO
Culture Medium
Ham's F12, 10% FBS, 400 μg/ml G418
Liquid nitrogen immediately upon delivery
Functional assays for ADRA1D receptors
Application Examples
Figure 1. Epinephrine-induced concentration-dependent stimulation of intracellular calcium mobilization in CHO-K1/ADRA1D and CHO-K1 cells. The cells were loaded with Calcium-4 prior to stimulation with a ADRA1D receptor agonist, Epinephrine. The intracellular calcium change was measured by FlexStation. The relative fluorescent units (RFU) were plotted against the log of the cumulative doses (10-fold dilution) of Epinephrine (Mean ± SD, n = 2). The EC50 of Epinephrine on ADRA1D in CHO-K1 cells was 7.1 nM. The S/B of Epinephrine on ADRA1D in CHO-K1 cells was 21.
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