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High quality reagents to extract and purfy DNA ensuring rapid, accurate results

Molecular Biology Reagents

GenScript provides high quality, cost-efficient molecular biology reagents for fast, reliable DNA purification and analysis. Our reagents' enhanced sensitivity facilitates optimal performance to extract and purify DNA ensuring rapid, accurate results. GenScript offers several types of plasmid purification kits, and a broad range of PCR reagents for nucleic acid analysis and more.

GenBuilder® Cloning kit

Multi-gene restriction site independent cloning for up to 1-15 DNA fragments.

  PCR Reagents

Cost-effective PCR reagents with high-stability able to endure continuous PCR cycles.

Plasmid Purification

Quick purification tools for plasmid extraction in ten minutes with high recovery efficiency.

  DNA Electrophoresis

Simply transfer this ready-to-use DNA ladder from the vial to the gel.

PCR Cleaning

Simple & rapid kits for DNA extraction from PCR reactions within five minutes.

  Cloning Vectors

Four expression vectors with enhanced promoters for efficient expression, selection, and analysis of recombinant proteins.

Gel Extraction

Rapid & highly effective method for DNA extraction from agarose gel in TAE or TBE buffers.